Our Groups and Classes

Freedom from the Shackles of Shame

  A 12 week support group that provides hope for survivors of sexual abuse.  Even though the abuse may have happened years or even decades ago, some still struggle due to the devastating effects of sexual abuse. This support group will help you understand the truth of your past abuse and equip you to begin a healing process that will enable you to move beyond the trauma and allow you to enjoy a victorious life.  Join us and find the courage to break the silence and remove the shackles of shame. 

Contact us for details and to register for the class beginning in the fall. 

Courage to Tell - Adult Seminar

 Courage to Tell - Adult Seminar.  Tammy Sutton will share her personal story. Adults will be educated about this unfortunate reality in our society. Tammy offers specific tools so parents will be able to equip their children against sexual abuse and learn how they can make a difference in their community. Tammy will give insight that will be an asset to anyone caring for children.  You will be empowered to come together as a community and take an active role in caring for our younger generation.  Each participant will receive a signed copy of Courage to Tell.

Courage to Tell - Parent/Child Seminar

 Courage To Tell - Parents/boys and girls, ages 4-10.   Both parents and children will be educated and equipped against the evils of sexual abuse and will be empowered to have the courage to tell.  Girls will be pampered and boys will learn they are mighty warriors. Children will attend a workshop by Princess Elizabeth and Princess Grace and also learn the Courage To Tell theme song.  Parents will attend a workshop taught by Tammy Sutton to learn what they can do to protect their children and others in the community from abuse.  Each participant will receive a signed copy of the book Courage to Tell.  

Contact us for details